what We are and what We are not

I'll start this post by stating again our vision:

Our Vision

Calendarly makes the content creation process easy, streamlined and enables businesses to react with speed as stakeholders always see the big picture and hence have control of their public communications.

what We are

Content Marketing has been an important piece of Marketing strategies even before the flourish of Social Media.
The process of producing content is a creative excercise which requires different set of skills. These skills are provided by Team members in a Marketing Team and in the Creative Agency side. Team members range from researchers, strategists, copywriters, UX/UI designers, illustrators, photographers, project managers, brand managers, marketing directors, etc.
The typical creative process is not structured by nature. Creativity cannot be planned. The flourish of Social Media has added a new dynamic to Content Creation. Information is relevant during shorter time frames when related to news worthy topics. A news last now adays 48 hours, after that, the next trending topic kicks in.
This fast paced dynamic also generates new opportunities for ever green content. New topics, new science fields and subfields emerge. New angles on the same story are available globally and instantly. New assets - videos, images, short clips, testimonials, sounds, GPS data, sensor data - are available constantly which can be used to enrich information and marketing contents. This is the effect of the Information Society we live in.

All these new scenarios require an Agile approach to Content Creation, the creative process.

Calendar.ly aims to add an Agile framework to creative processes in Marketing Teams where all stakeholders need to be up-to-date with the latest content version/iteration. Need to provide feedback and approvals in a timely manner. Need to see the forest among all the owned, earned and competitor contents. Need to serve their target audience.

We focus an all the steps prior to publishing a content piece on your social media channels, blog, brand website, e-commerce site, newspaper, magazine.

We help you organize your posts and topics into simple elements with a calendar view and a Kanban (status) view. Every team member can have a set of elements assign to him/her. Every team member can participate in the feedback discussion or upload new asset versions. Stakeholders will have (coming soon) an easy private link to each content piece so they can directly provide feedback, no sign up needed!.

We streamline the content creation process, the feedback loops, the approvals and deliver a single source of truth so everyone is on the same page and actions can be taken.

What We are not (yet)

We are not a Social Media publishing service where you can schedule your posts. There are many apps out there doing this very well. We don't want to focus yet on this service, we want to help you get to this point. All the steps prior to this point is where the main complexity and abstraction is.

We are not an Analytics tool where you can see engagement and sharing levels. We will not tell you if your content is working or not. You will need to get that from other existing tools out there. We are not planning on focusing on this service in the short term.

We are not a Social listening tool. Social Listening is a great tool for doing research and also for monitoring a running campaign. We don't provide this and right now our product road map is not considering adding these features in the short and mid terms.

What to learn more about what we are? Try us out at calendar.ly (no strings attached)

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